Virtual waiting room

Give your patients access to a virtual waiting room to reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction.

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Virtual Waiting Room Software

Patients get added to a virtual line in 3 easy steps:

Registering in the virtual waiting line

    Step 1.

    Patients book their consultation online at their own convenience and are automatically added to the virtual line after filling out a short form. 

    Patients receive periodic SMS notifications about their position in the queue

      Step 2.

      Patients will then receive periodic notifications by SMS messages to notify them of their position in the queue, or they can download the free app and have access to their progress, in real time.

        Step 3.

        As their turn in line approaches, patients will receive instructions via their smart device, to start making their way to the clinic.

        Collect data on clinic productivity

          Gain visibility on patient volume & clinic workflows

          • Collect data on clinic productivity to avoid bottlenecks and allocate resources more efficiently.
          • Optimize scheduling and staffing based on projected clinic traffic.
          • Create custom reports, export data in CSV and import it into your preferred BI tool.

          Improve patient wait times & experience

          • Relieve patient anxiety caused by uncertain wait times
          • Facilitate social distancing through less crowded waiting rooms
          • Create a stress-free environment for clinic staff and allow them to focus on important tasks

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