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Pomelo’s Waiting Room Management Software increases the number of patients provider’s can see within a day, while still adhering to new safety measures.

Queue Management Software - Pomelo Health Canada
 Patients get added to a virtual line in no time 

 A virtual waiting room in 3 easy steps 

virtual waiting room
To join the queue, patients register online or at the clinic by scanning a QR code 
Patient registers online to join the virtual queue
Patients fill out a short form and are automatically added to the virtual line.
Patient's progression in the virtual queue - SMS notifications
Patients receive periodic notifications and make their way to the clinic when it's time.
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Essential Waiting Room Management Features

Queue Management Software Dashboard

Customizable Settings

Create and manage multiple waiting rooms, each supporting multiple queues, from a single dashboard

Customize registration hours and availability directly from the dashboard

Set up an average appointment duration for each queue, which is then used to send estimated wait times in SMS messaging to the waiting patients

Increased Visibility

Keep an eye on your progress - if your clinic is having a swift day, you can increase the number of appointments available, more patients means more revenue!

Reorder patients in line as needed - Just drag and drop for optimal flexibility

Virtual Waiting Room - Mobile Patient App
Clinic productivity performances dashboard - Waiting Room Management Software

Data & Reporting

Create custom reports, export your data in CSV and import into your preferred BI tool

Collect data on usage and productivity to see more patients and allocate resources more efficiently.

Here's why patients and staff love it

A simplified and more transparent queue management

Queue Management Software

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