Integrated Québec Hub Software

The freshest way to connect your patients to the Québec Hub 

Built-in online booking and automated appointment reminders.

Online Booking Software by Pomelo Health Canada

Easily Integrated Digital Healthcare Tools to Better Serve your Patients - and it’s free for Family Doctors.

The Pomelo platform is, to date, the only online appointment booking solution certified by the Ministry of Health that is already connected to the provincial hub and offered free of charge to family doctors in Québec.

Online Appointment Booking

Offer more appointments and increase revenue by optimizing your ability to see patients.

Appointment Reminders

Keep patients up-to-date with the latest clinic news & easily remind them of upcoming appointments.

Connecting you to your patients through the Pomelo Platform and the Québec Hub

Connected via your clinic’s EMR, the Québec Hub allows the Pomelo Platform to gather your clinicians’ availability, and make open appointment slots accessible to patients.

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