Patient Engagement Solutions for Pharmacy

Transform patient engagement technology into revenue generating opportunities for your pharmacy

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Patient Engagement Solutions for Pharmacy

Transform patient engagement technology into revenue generating opportunities for your pharmacy

Patient Portal

Treat your patients to an intuitive and customizable patient portal, which can be configured and deployed based on your pharmacy’s unique needs.

Online Booking

Reduce long wait-times at the counter by allowing patients to book their consultations online, keeping patient traffic flowing, and increasing revenue through fewer missed appointments.

Appointment Reminders

Engage your patients through automated appointment reminders to reduce missed appointments - Combine customizable email, voice, and SMS notifications.

Secure Messaging

Securely send 1:1 messages to patients, that can include forms and attachments. For urgent matters, request a response from patients before a specific time.


Save valuable staff time by allowing patients to check in to their appointment via their smart device or tablets/iPads at your pharmacy, and encourage social distancing by eliminating time spent at the counter.


Send large scale pharmacy communications to specific audience cohorts, or your entire patients database and gain visibility on who has seen your messages, and who hasn’t.


Engage with your patients from almost anywhere via secure video consultations - No additional downloads or registrations required.


Save time and resources by digitizing forms for patients to complete in advance, using their mobile device or the tablet/iPad in your pharmacy’s waiting room.

Keep full control of your schedule by automating appointment management
  • Automatically approve appointment requests or specify that new appointments must be manually approved
  • Choose the appointment types along with how many appointments you want to make available for online booking
  • Enable multi-booking to allow several patients to book the same time slot (e.g. flu shots)
Leverage patient communication tools to increase medication adherence
  • Send automated refill reminders by SMS, email or voice message
  • Broadcast patient education material & pharmacy updates
  • Promote your pharmacy’s programs to patients who share a common condition
  • Leverage secure messaging for drug recalls
Optimize your pharmacy’s workflows and save valuable time for extended services
  • Leverage digital forms to streamline patient onboarding by capturing patient information or consent before their visit
  • Allow your patients to book online to reduce call volume and time spent at the counter
  • Automate patient notifications such as booking confirmations or reminders for important messages requiring their attention
Increase patient loyalty and build long-lasting relationships
  • Complement in-person visits with secure video consultations to support care continuity
  • Offer a more convenient access to care with secure and easy-to-use digital tools
  • Create waitlists and allow your patients to register online for high demand appointments

Success stories from our valued clients

Over 285,000 appointments booked for COVID-19 vaccination at 193 locations

"We also couldn’t have hit this important milestone [of over 285,000 vaccines] without the partnership of Pomelo Health, who developed the platform that is being used in many of our pharmacies across the country to manage appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations."

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