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Easily integrate an online booking tool and allow patients to book appointments by themselves, returning valuable time back to your staff.

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Healthcare Online Booking Software

    Customize settings per appointment type

    Create an unlimited number of appointment types per individual provider and customize appointment’s details such as length, description, check-in time, cancellation policy and reminder content. Set appointment controls to make appointment types available only to specific custom patients groups you’ve identified. 

      Make sure you don’t get overbooked by patients

      Customize which and how many appointment types you’d like to make available for e-booking. Enable multi-booking to allow multiple patients to book the same time slot.

        Set preferences to specify when patients can book

        Define rules that govern how far in advance an appointment can be booked by patients and set the desired amount of time before unfilled time slots are automatically removed.

          Automate appointment confirmations

          Automate your appointment confirmation emails to go out immediately after a patient books, or require a manual approval from clinic staff before the confirmation is sent.

            Include eforms in the online booking process

            Gather important information from patients, before the appointment even begins by including eForms that can be designed with specific logic and rules to be responsive.

            Over 2,4 million appointments have been booked across Canada through Pomelo’s eBooking solution

            Save over 120 hours of staff-time per employee, per month by digitizing tedious appointment-booking.

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