Pomelo Health x Exer Urgent Care

Implementing SoCal's
First Virtual Waiting Line
for In-Person Care

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how Pomelo Health and Exer Urgent Care partnered together to tackle these unique challenges in order to  provide exceptional service and care to patients.

Implementing a Virtual Waiting Room - Webinar by Pomelo Health Canada

Managing an Urgent Care center is no easy task, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it harder. Patients still want to be seen quickly and receive high quality care while clinic-staff are left juggling administrative tasks, patient interactions and new pandemic protocols.
George Franklin, Pomelo Health’s Director of Sales and Brian Chao, Chief of Performance Excellence at Exer Urgent Care look back at the record-speed implementation and results of a waiting line management solution at Exer’s 20 locations. You’ll learn how:

  1. How the challenges of running an in-person urgent care clinic have evolved in times of the pandemic. 
  2. How virtual lines and waiting room management can improve the patient experience.
  3. How virtual waiting lines have helped urgent care centers like Exer adhere to new safety measures. 
executive summary

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, SoCal’s Exer Urgent Care clinics faced unprecedented challenges that disrupted daily workflows, caused undue stress for both patients & staff and negatively impacted patient satisfaction. In January 2021, Exer Urgent Care partnered with healthcare software specialist Pomelo Health to quickly implement a Virtual Line Management Software across its 19 physical locations, and 1 virtual clinic. By giving patients the ability to join a clinic’s queue online, from anywhere, and to be kept updated of their position in real time, Exer Urgent Care was able to increase patient satisfaction by 45% after only 1 week, as well as create a welcoming and stress-free environment for both patients & staff.

The challenges
  • A rapid growth combined with the global pandemic

  • 127% increase in patient volume

  • Adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines

  • Patients queuing outside, blocking entrances of other business & parking lots

The solution
  • Pomelo’s Virtual Waiting Line

  • Patients register online, from anywhere, joining a clinic’s queue & are kept updated of their position in line, in real time, until it’s their turn.

The results
  • Long lines were eliminated

  • Increase of 45% in patient satisfaction in the first week

  • Stress-free environment for clinic staff

  • Safe and secure lobbies for patients

Why Pomelo Health?

Simplicity & ease of use of the software 
Stand alone with no integrations needed 
Customizable and personalized software 
Quick & flexible implementation timelines

Implementing SoCal's First
Virtual Waiting Line for In-Person Care

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