Information Broadcasting

Easily share information with select patient cohorts in your database and ensure that everyone is kept up to date of important clinic communications.

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    Using email to broadcast to your entire database

    Reach your entire patient list through regular email for non-personal health related communications, such as pandemic-related updates, office alerts, program promotion, newsletters, and more. Available for all patients that have an email in their chart, our system allows you to send test emails before initiating any live broadcast to patients.

      Leverage the patient portal to send targeted broadcasts for health promotion

      Use your EMR data to send targeted messages to select patients in order to notify them about upcoming flu shot clinics, drug recalls or other preventive care visits.

        Display virtual bulletin boards for long-term notifications in the patient portal

        Create long term broadcasts that will be displayed in the patient portal and customize them with images, downloadable documents, booking links, and more. Display multiple broadcasts across multiple pages at any given time and easily edit messages, which are immediately updated for patients.

          Gain visibility on how patients engage with your broadcasts

          Gain visibility on who has viewed your updates and who hasn’t, through the solution’s built-in analytics.

          Automate repetitive patient outreach and securely scale communication to your entire patient database or to specific custom groups.

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