Why Patient Engagement Technology is Critical to Successful Clinic Operations in 2021

Here are five ways doctors and clinics can leverage patient engagement technology for successful clinic operations. 

Here are five ways doctors and clinics can leverage patient engagement technology for successful clinic operations. 

Healthcare’s digital transformation shows no sign of slowing down, partly due to high consumer expectations of better, faster, easier, and more convenient care.

According to Accenture's 2019 Annual Digital Health Consumer Survey, 70% of consumers are more likely to choose a provider that offers reminders for follow-up care via email or text compared to 57% in 2016. Healthcare providers can ensure they’re up for the challenge by using the right technology to elevate the patient experience and improve operational efficiency. 

Embrace the Convenience of eBooking 

Convenience is a major influence on care choice. Patients decide when and where to seek medical attention based on location and appointment flexibility. By providing patients the ability to book appointments online at their convenience,  providers increase patient satisfaction, and free up valuable staff time previously spent coordinating patient booking. 

Boost Patient Engagement with Secure & Effective Communication 

We constantly worry whether our communication is secure in the digital age. That  concern is amplified  when dealing with confidential patient information. Boost patient engagement with one hundred percent encrypted communication, a secure and convenient alternative to email. With the right tool, you can eliminate time-consuming phone calls, and gain visibility into whether a message has been read.

Reduce No-show Rates by Automating Appointment Reminders  

Businesses are in constant search of ways to work smarter and more efficiently; clinics and private practices are no different. Multiple touch points to remind your patients of their upcoming appointment ensure they remember pertinent details such as date, time, and location. By utilizing an automated (singular or multiple) notification method, clinic staff can devote more of their time to high-value clinic activities.

Leverage Mobile Check-in 

Improve the waiting-room experience by eliminating long wait times, and administrative bottlenecks. With mobile, patients can use their own devices to check-in for a more seamless visit with the added benefit of staying safe. 

Deliver Optimal Care With Video Appointments

The arrival of COVID-19 has expanded the adoption of telehealth as we social distance to stay safe. Telehealth is here to stay, and will become a staple in healthcare long after we put the pandemic in our rearview mirror. 

“We have moved forward a decade in the use of telemedicine in this country and it’s going to become, and will remain, an increasingly important part of physician practices going forward”,

said Todd Askew, the American Medical Association’s senior vice president of advocacy. Telehealth offers simplicity, convenience and efficiency, without compromising quality of care.

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