New product features: COVID-19 triage questionnaire and phone consultations

COVID-19 Triage Questionnaire and Phone Consultation - Pomelo Health releases new product features to support Canadian clinics operations through the pandemic.

New product features: COVID-19 triage questionnaire and phone consultations

Our dedication to serve health professionals, such as yourself, and patients alike, is unwavering. The team at Pomelo Health is working (all from home), morning, noon, and night, to get you the features and tools you need to get through this pandemic.

Pre-Booking COVID-19 Triage Questionnaire

Online Appointment Booking Software

Automatically triage your patients. Prevent COVID-19 patients from booking online at your clinic, and instead, direct them to the right resource.

When a patient clicks to book an appointment online, before they even begin, they are asked a series of questions related to their symptoms, travel, and contact with others. Depending on their answers, specific messages are displayed.

Patients answering “yes” to any COVID-19 risk factors will be prevented from booking online and redirected to the appropriate resource. The following messages will be shown: “you need to call a government hotline” -- a full list is already included, or “you need to self-isolate”.


  • The COVID-19 triage questionnaire uses a content management system allowing us to update information as protocols change.
  • This questionnaire was developed in collaboration with feedback from our client doctors.

Phone consultation protocols

Online Appointment Booking Software

For certain or all appointment types, and if your clinic offers phone consultations, specific messages, instructions and protocols can be communicated and enabled throughout the booking process for the patient.

For example, this is the default instruction displayed on the booking process:

This is a 15-minute consultation. You are not required to appear at the clinic. The healthcare provider will call you at the time you have indicated.” - This message can be fully customized by your clinic.

We’re inspired by the ideas and comments doctors, healthcare professionals, and government bodies share with us during this time. We hope you’ll keep passing along your feedback so we can continue to evolve and build great products for you.

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