Chronometriq becomes Pomelo Health - FAQ

Chronometriq is revealing its new identity: Pomelo Health. Here's why we decided to change the company name.

Why did you decide to change the company name?

It was something that we knew we wanted to do for a while, now. We have big growth ambitions and the name Chronometriq proved to be a challenge in different markets and languages. We also felt like we had outgrown the name. It no longer reflected what we provide as products or who we are as a company.

After acquiring Health Myself a little earlier this year, it became clear to us that we wanted a new name to unify the companies and pursue our expansion as one.

Why the name Pomelo Health?

The healthcare space is pretty traditional and we wanted a name that would stand out, but would still be relevant to the industry. From the start, we knew we wanted a name that would be different and bold. We chose to work with Montreal-based digital agency Deux huit huit and came up with our three main criterias: unique, memorable and relatable. Citruses are well known for their natural health benefits and we just really liked how simple the word Pomelo is and how it sounds. Not only does it work in many different languages, but it also provides us with a clean slate to build a fun and credible brand.

Will the product change?

By the beginning of November, you will see some cosmetic changes in the dashboard of our products. By cosmetic, we mean a new logo, maybe new fonts and definitely some fresh colours. There will be no changes in the functionalities or the different features.

Do I have to do something?

There is absolutely no action required on your end. Your current configurations and current credentials remain the same.

Will the team change?

Not at all. Our team does not change. Your account manager stays the same, our support team stays the same, your sales rep remains as well as your counterpart contact in our company.

How can I reach you guys?

Same as always, although you can expect a new greeting Pomelo message soon!

As of October 7th, our email addresses will change and go from to However, no need to worry; all emails sent to the old Chronometriq address will continue to make its way into our inboxes.

What will happen to your website and social media?

As of November 3rd 2020, the Chronometriq website will be entirely redirected to our new Pomelo Health website, You can already get a glimpse at what it looks like as it has already been released in the US.

You’re curious about our new web address, .io? Unfortunately, .com extensions are hard to come by these days. The .io is a top-level domain commonly used by technology companies.

Similarly to the website, our social media channels will reflect the new company name and branding as of Nov 3rd, 2020. We’ll be posting bits and pieces of the new colours all throughout October.

About Pomelo Health (Chronometriq)

Founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of improving access to healthcare, Chronometriq is the North American leader in the healthcare management industry, offering a full platform of products to improve clinics’ productivity, efficiency and communications with patients.

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