Automated Appointment Reminders

Easily decrease no-show rates with automated appointment reminders software designed specifically for healthcare practices.

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    Send automated reminders by SMS, email or voice message

    Combine email, voice message and SMS notification methods.  Set multiple reminders per appointment type. Include start-time, location details and even special instructions in the reminder content. Reminders can be customized on a clinic-wide, schedule-specific, appointment-specific and patient-specific basis.

      Include important notices and clinic updates in the reminder message

      Customize content to include clear information on procedures, safety measures, and whatever else your patients might need to know, prior to their arrival in the clinic.

        Add an extra layer of assurance through patient confirmation

        Leverage reminders as an opportunity to ask patients to confirm their appointment and track whether or not a reminder has been opened or viewed.

          EMR Integration

          Make sure the appointment status is automatically updated within your EMR, once your patients confirm their availability.

          Decrease your practice no-show rate by up to 60% and stop losing revenue over missed appointments.

          • Over 4,8 million automated reminders have been sent to Canadian patients through the Pomelo Platform.
          • An average of 257 000 reminders are sent to Canadian patients through the Pomelo Platform every month.

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