Keep your patients on time

Patient Appointment Reminder Software

Easily decrease no-show rates with automated appointment reminders software designed specifically for healthcare practices.

Appointment Reminder Software - Pomelo Health Canada

Automated reminders so your patients know exactly when and where to show up.

Decrease forgotten or missed appointments by providing patients with everything they need to know, including start-time, location details, and even special instructions

Reach patients via their preferred method of communication 

Send automated appointment reminders to patients by voice message, email or SMS to make sure they know exactly when and where to show up. 

Customize the content, type and frequency of your reminders

Build the best reminder strategy for patients by combining email, voice and SMS notification and adjusting the number of notifications they receive leading up to their appointment.

Example of an email reminder and a SMS reminder by Pomelo Health Canada
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Example of a reminder with an attachment prompting patient to confirm his presence to the appointment

Keep patients informed of important notices or clinic updates

Customize content to include clear information on procedures, safety measures, and whatever else the patient might need to know, prior to arrival.

Get specific and tailor your reminders to the right audiences

Customize reminders on a clinic-wide, schedule-specific, appointment-specific or patient-specific basis, turning them on for some and off for others.

Add an extra layer of assurance through patient confirmation

Leverage reminders as an opportunity to ask patients to confirm their appointment and track whether or not a reminder has been opened or viewed.

Ensure all of your systems are working together in harmony

Avoid confusion and duplications of work by making sure the patient’s appointment status is automatically updated within your EHR, once they confirm their availability

Online Booking

Allow patients to book appointments for themselves online and save valuable staff-time. 

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Appointment Reminders

Make sure your patients know exactly when & where to show up. 

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Mobile Patient Check-in

Keep everyone safe & socially distanced by allowing patients to check-in directly from their mobile device. 

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Secure Messaging

Eliminate the need for time-consuming phone calls while still being there for your patients. 

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Telemedicine Platform

Provide superior care through secure, compliant video appointments. 

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Ensure every patient in your database is kept up to date of important clinic communications. 

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Digitize forms so patients can fill them out in the comfort of their own homes, using their own device.

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Patient Queue Management

Increase patient satisfaction by 80% with a simplified & more transparent queue management. 

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