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Pomelo Health was founded in 2012 by passionate co-founders, Remi and Yan, after Remi’s father endured a seven hour wait at the ER following an injury. Both driven by empathy, they soon realized there was an opportunity to not only improve healthcare access for people, but to also help clinics work more efficiently and enable a better healthcare experience for patients and health professionals.

Improving access to care

Today, Pomelo Health is one of the fastest growing companies in healthcare, with millions of patients having used its platform to get better access to care.

Improving healthcare experience since 2012

We are Pomelo Health.

We’re bolder than your average healthcare partner
and we think you’ll like that freshness.

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Pomelo Health was founded in 2012 with the mission to eliminate long wait times in clinics. 

Soon after, that mission became an unwavering desire to improve healthcare access for everyone and enable a better patient experience.

Today, we have offices in
Montreal, Toronto &
Boston, and have had millions of
patients use our
platform to get better
access to care.

Simplicity drives everything we do.

Inspired by the company’s initial purpose of improving access to healthcare, Pomelo Health’s current suite of products now offers tools like online booking, mass communications, video appointments as well as a queue management system built for urgent care.

By improving communication between provider and patient, Pomelo Health is partnering with clinics, hospitals and governments to streamline their processes and offer better care.

We are believers

We believe in being authentic and curious. 
We believe in working hard and having fun doing it.

We believe in making a difference. 
We believe in people.


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